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Devotional Bible Lessons

Why does God allow us to suffer? Part 1

This devotion talks about why God allows suffering. It clarifies how all God's decisions are made from an eternal perspective for our good and out of love for us, so that we can have Jesus' character in our lives. Through 1 Corinthians 13:12 it discusses that God knew we would struggle concerning why He allows suffering, and when we reach eternity we will understand fully. It describes that God did not create us for pain and suffering, but that sin brought suffering into this world.

Where is God when I hurt? Or the silence of God! Part 2

Where are you God when I hurt? Or the silence of God. Part 2. This devotion answers the question Where are you God when I hurt? At length it outlines why we need to look at Jesus' suffering to understand why God allows suffering. It discusses the principle God is always with us, whether or not we feel or think He is. It describes how Jesus has experienced all the hurt, and pains we have had, so He can save us, comfort us and sympathize with us. It defines Jesus interceding for us right now as we suffer and it explains what sympathize and intercede means.

God Hasn't Changed in the Pandemic

This devotion was written during the 2020 COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. It describes Who God is by emphasizing God never changes even thorough the world is changing and is in crisis. It explains how God is good even if things aren't good. It answers the hard question of God being sovereign during the bad times, and how His sovereignty takes care of us through it all. It explains where God's loving care is in the Pandemic. It gives you practical spiritual advice through many Bible passages on how to deal with the Pandemic.

Short Devotions from Gini's Heart

The quarterback trial and a miracle?

In this short devotion, from a quarterback's trial - the difficulties of life are seen through God's perspective - from the loss of a broken wrist to leading your team to a first ever victory.

God is Never Silent, Look for Him in the Pandemic

In this short devotion, from my personal struggles concerning the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 - the difficulties of hearing God - knowing where He is in the crisis are described and how to hear God when things are rough.