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Holiday Devotions


Christmas devotions

The Star of Bethlehem is Still There

In this short devotion, from my personal perspective – you are encouraged to take a different look at the star of Bethlehem, the wise men, and the living God - Jesus Christ from Matthew 2:1-11.


The birth of Jesus started in Genesis

This Christmas devotion gives a quick but inspiring history of Genesis 3:15 - which is where the promise of a Savior began. It traces the descendant from Genesis 3:15 through history to Bethlehem. The foretold birth of our Savior is explained through the prophecies themselves.


The Child born on Christmas is Mighty God and Eternal Father (Isaiah 9:6)

This Christmas devotion talks about what it meant for Jesus (the God of the universe) to step out of eternity and to be born so He could become one of us. It does this by: explaining Philippians 2:6-8 in detail; by speculating what it meant for Jesus who is God to become an embryo, a fetus, helpless new born and so on. It explains at length what He did for us on this earth because He loves us.


The true spirit of Christmas is the Holy Spirit

This Christmas devotion talks about our need for the true Christmas Spirit, the Holy Spirit, in a humorous but informative way. It answers some questions that we all need to know to have the true Christmas Spirit fill our lives. These questions are: Who is the true Spirit of Christmas? And why does He live within us? How can we make Jesus the reason for everything in the season, and let Him fill our lives throughout the New Year? It discusses what it means for Jesus to step out of eternity and to be born so He could become one of us. It explains how the Spirit fills us and why we need to let Him.


The Virgin Mary waited for Baby Jesus. Did you realize Jesus waits for you?

In this short Christmas devotion, from our families personal experience of waiting for our new grandson - you will be enlightened regarding Mary's thoughts and feelings as she waits for Baby Jesus, and even more importantly how God has waited for you to be His.


The unopened gift from God

In this short devotion, using an example from this previous Christmas – you are challenged to open God's greatest gift, or if you already have, then to treat Him as God's most precious gift to you.


The Christmas gift and the cat

In this short Christmas devotion, from my personal grief, God being the good and perfect gift giver is discussed and His Christmas Gift to all of us is talked about.


God and our inconveniences (Isaiah 40:31)

In this short devotion, from my personal struggles - the difficulties of trusting in God when inconveniences hit are shared and a lesson learned is talked about. Isaiah 40:31.


The Christmas Child, the Holy Spirit, and the heater

In this short Christmas devotion, from a personal experience, you are challenged with whether or not you are letting the Holy Spirit empower you.

New Years devotions

New Years resolutions that God endorses

This New Years devotion talks about what sort of New Years resolutions God would want you to make. It discusses a few of my personal resolutions and what I humorously learned from them. It compares physical vs spiritual resolutions and the advantages to both of them. It explains with an illustration that as Christians our true problems stem from an obstinate heart towards God (sin), not a lack of self-improvement. It ends with four detailed life applications to help you make New Years resolutions that promote godly living and change.


Valentines Day devotions


The love of God is described

This Valentines devotion describes God's love. It emphasizes that words of love need to be backed up with acts of love, or a person doesn't feel or think they are loved. It describes God's love as words that are lived out in His actions of love, especially His Son dying for us even though we were His enemies. It defines the Hebrew word for love hesed and the Greek word for love agape. It discusses the meaning of covenant from God's perspective.


Prayer, the gift of love

This devotion talks about giving someone you love, the gift of prayer. Valentine's Day is talked about in the framework of love. It discusses one of God's favorite gifts (prayer) and then explains how to give it.

Easter devotions

The Easter factor ... Jesus and our resurrection

This Easter devotion talks about our resurrection and afterlife. It explains why we need to believe in Jesus to give us eternal life in heaven with God, instead of eternal punishment away from God in hell. It clarifies why Jesus had to rise from the dead so we could be raised from the dead. It describes why we are eternal beings at length and what that means. It discusses the resurrection of a Christian in detail along with the rapture and the resurrection of a non-Christian.


Rejoice! Since Jesus rose from the dead, you can too!

In this short devotion, from my personal grief - the afterlife and the resurrection are covered from a Christian's perspective.


Mother's Day & Father's Day

Mothers and what normal is

In this short devotion, from my personal struggles as a Mom - the difficulties as well as the joys and rewards of being a mother are shared in a humorous way.


Mothers and fathers can be a godly influence on their children

This devotion teaches how mothers and fathers can be a godly influence on their children, and how they are their children's strongest influence. It discusses that children naturally want to be with and like their parents. It uses 11 humorous statements from kids about their mothers to show how families do influence each other. This devotion can be used for a baby shower.


The One True God is our Loving Eternal Father

This devotion emphasizes that no matter what your father was, or is to you, your Heavenly Father is the Father Who has and will always love and care for you. It describes God as our eternal loving Father in various ways, such as how strong His love is for us from Isaiah 49:15. The Trinity is defined more to add clarity to God being our Father.


Patriotic devotions for Independence Day

Sacrifice - the cost of freedom

This devotion gives some true life examples of people sacrificing their lives for others freedom. It describes how important this type of sacrifice is and how few people are willing to do it. It also answers the question, why some people are willing to love and protect others at this level by comparing their sacrificial act to Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us.


Halloween devotions

Souls and spirits? And what should make you afraid!

In this short devotion, from the perspective of life after death - what the soul and spirit are is defined from what should really make you afraid, this scary time of year.


Thanksgiving devotions

Prayer and thanksgiving go together like a turkey and Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving devotion has as its theme Colossians 4:2 - this verse is explained in detail. This devotion talks about how and why to be devoted to God and devoted to prayer. It explains how prayer and thanksgiving go together. It clearly defines the Greek words for devote, watchful and thanksgiving. It shares how and why we can pray with thanksgiving, even in hard times. Philippians 4:6-7 is talked about.


Thanksgiving, the cat and the rattlesnake!

In this short devotion, from a very dangerous personal situation - you are encouraged to have an attitude of thanksgiving towards God for what He has done for you.


Devotions for Baby Showers

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6

This devotion on parenting has as its theme Proverbs 22:6. This verse is explained in detail, especially the words train and way. It talks about how and why to train your children in the Lord from the context of Proverbs - so they will not depart from God. It gives the parent some concrete ideas for their own life with God and their kids. This devotion could be used for a baby shower.


God is our Father who will never forget us!

In this short devotion, with personal illustrations about Isaiah 49:15, you are taught God your Father will not forget you. This may give you some ideas for Baby shower devotions.


Mothers and what normal is

In this short devotion, from my personal struggles as a Mom - the difficulties as well as the joys and rewards of being a mother are shared in a humorous way.


God is our loving Father

God is our loving Father is an audio devotion on Hosea 11 about God being our loving Father. It paints a vivid picture of how much God our Father loves us and how He intimately cares for us.  It describes how God hurts (as we would) when we turn away from Him. This audio devotion can be used for a baby shower (like it was) or a woman’s event that has "God is our Father" for a theme, or for personal edification. Read the written introduction first. Then you can listen to either the full version or the mini version.