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How to spend a half day in prayer

Prayer is communicating with God. True communication involves listening and responding. We listen to God by hearing, reading, studying, and mediating on His Word through various ways.  We respond to God by talking to Him. Why not make a date with God, and give Him the gift of prayer?  Your date can be a half day in prayer.  (Don't freak out, I don't mean 12 hours but 2 or 3 quality hours with God.)


Prayer and thanksgiving go together like a turkey and Thanksgiving

I am sitting down to prepare a devotional for the Thanksgiving season.  I have to admit my attitude isn't very godly. I have even cleaned the bathroom to procrastinate.  However, my attitude of whining today, is exactly what the Holy Spirit has been telling me not to have through what I am going to write about. Leave it to God to teach us teachers first and to use our lives as "what not to do."


Agreeing with God about sin

This devotion talks about the trend in America and in some churches, not to mention sin or deal with it. It explains why that is harmful (because sin is like a cancer). It clarifies why sin is still a problem for Christians even though Jesus paid the penalty for all our sins. It discusses how important it is to acknowledge our sins and confess them, so we aren't resisting the Holy Spirit's voice. 1 John 1:5-10 is discussed (what it means to agree with God about your sins, and what happens when you don't). It compares sin to a serial killer and emphasizes how important prayer is to be close to God, to get sin out of our lives.


Prayer, the gift of love

This is the time of year we think of love. In the month of February we think of loving others because of Valentine's Day.  (Didn't you love those new Valentine cards that sing a song when you open them? Shopping for one was definitely a unique experience.  I don't think anyone cares what is written on them, just what is being sung.  This is because everyone around you is opening the singing cards and either laughing or ooing and ahhing. Card shopping has gone from a quiet thoughtful experience as everyone reads the cards to a band practice setting. As spring unfolds we seem to feel the joy of new love.  I think this is because the sheer beauty of God's creation is blossoming all around us, shouting new life. Therefore, the thought of the resurrection seems to come into our hearts and minds. I don't know about you but I can't help but think of His greatest act of love towards us this time of year. This act of love is of course His death on a cross and His resurrection.


Do you love God? Then Pray!

You are demonstrating your love for God when you pray. This is because, when you love someone, communicating with them in most cases is a blessing, not a chore. Yet, even if it is a chore because of the circumstances, you still do it because of love. Remember you are in a relationship with God, so you can experience with Him the same struggles you experience with anyone you love. There are times you just don't communicate much, but as you know, if it keeps on, your relationship will not be very close. Good communication with God is a must - because it allows you to develop a strong love relationship with God, as it would anyone you love.


Call to God when the trials of life hit

Those of you, who have followed my From Gini's Heart know I have a cat I love.  (Remember the cat and the rattlesnake!)  Now, those of you who have cats know they don't naturally like water, but hate it with a vengeance. Even though ours learned at a young age to endure a bath, she still barely puts up with it, and has that look that says, "This is not the way I want life to be!"