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Sin and Forgiveness


Devotional Bible Study

Because of God, We have the Healing Gift of Forgiveness

As Christians, our past, present, and future sins are fully and abundantly forgiven in Jesus, but we have a responsibility to forgive others. And I know at times forgiving someone is about the last thing we want to do. In this series of 11 short devotions, I will answer questions such as: What is the most undeserved forgiveness? Why and how to forgive as a Christian? How forgiving is misunderstood? How important is forgiveness to our well-being and health? Why is not forgiving a sin? Studying forgiveness from God's standpoint and applying it to our lives will make us more like Christ, and believe it or not, much happier people.


Devotional Bible Lessons

God's forgiveness and our sin

This devotion teaches about God's forgiveness. It explains where sin came from, why we are enslaved to it, and how we are set free from it. It discusses no matter how awful your sin is, God will forgive it and erase it from your life like He did King David's sins. Lent is also discussed.


Agreeing with God about your sin

This devotion talks about the trend in America and in some churches, not to mention sin or deal with it. It explains why that is harmful (because sin is like a cancer). It clarifies why sin is still a problem for Christians even though Jesus paid the penalty for all our sins. It discusses how important it is to acknowledge our sins and confess them, so we aren't resisting the Holy Spirit's voice. 1 John 1:5-10 is discussed (what it means to agree with God about your sins, and what happens when you don't). It compares sin to a serial killer and emphasizes how important prayer is to be close to God, to get sin out of our lives.


Human sacrifices vs the One True God’s sacrifice

This devotion takes a look at what God thinks about human sacrifices from His Word. Human sacrifices are looked at from the movie, Apocalypto by Mel Gibson. Why people would sacrifice other humans, is covered. Then human sacrifices are compared to the one and only needed sacrifice, God sacrificing His Son for us. It discusses how our sins are paid for and forgiven through Jesus Christ's sacrifice.



Short Devotions from Gini's Heart

Psychological distress and our sin.

In this short devotion, from my hurts - psychological distress is explained from the perspective of sin and applied to our lives.


Sin gives the Devil an opportunity.

In this short devotion, from a rattlesnake illustration - you are challenged not fool around with sin, because as Christians, we open up an opportunity in our lives, for the Devil to control us again.