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New Years resolutions that God endorses

This New Years devotion talks about what sort of New Years resolutions God would want you to make. It discusses a few of my personal resolutions and what I humorously learned from them. It compares physical vs spiritual resolutions and the advantages to both of them. It explains with an illustration that as Christians our true problems stem from an obstinate heart towards God (sin), not a lack of self-improvement. It ends with four detailed life applications to help you make New Years resolutions that promote godly living and change.


Sacrifice - the cost of freedom

This devotion gives some true life examples of people sacrificing their lives for others freedom. It describes how important this type of sacrifice is and how few people are willing to do it. It also answers the question, why some people are willing to love and protect others at this level by comparing their sacrificial act to Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us.


Short Devotions from Gini's Heart

God's sovereignty and the beginning of mankind's free will  

In this short devotion, taken from the devotional series on God's characteristics - some insights are shared about God's sovereignty and mankind's free will.


God and our inconveniences (Isaiah 40:31)  

In this short devotion, from my personal struggles - the difficulties of trusting in God when inconveniences hit are shared and a lesson learned is talked about. Isaiah 40:31.


The desert hike and God's path. Proverbs 3:5-6

In this short devotion, from my hike through the desert - you are challenged to make sure you are trusting in God to guide you through life, so your life will be eternally fruitful for Him and not full of thorny sins. Proverbs 3:5-6.


Are you a good fig or a bad fig (Jeremiah 24)?

In this short devotion, from Jeremiah 24 - you are encouraged to make sure you are listening to God instead of listening to whoever or whatever is to your liking.


Do you like your ears itched with God's word?

In this short devotion from 2 Timothy 4:2-4 - you are challenged to want God's truth instead of having you ears itched with teaching that fits your own desires.


Is there anything good about this financial mess?

In this short devotion, from our financial struggles - you are encouraged by the knowledge God works all things together for your good.


Change we can believe in!

In this short devotion, from my perspective on America’s presidential election - you are challenged to believe or trust in God and His change for you and your country.


Delight in God's word - Psalm One

In this short devotion, from my tizzy about my dead flowers - you are challenged to make God's Word your first delight, and shown how to do it.


Are your thoughts Biblical on vacation or whenever?

In this short devotion, from my vacation trials - you are encouraged to make sure you are thinking and then doing what God wants instead of what you think He wants.