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Do you love God? Then Pray!


You are demonstrating your love for God when you pray. This is because, when you love someone, communicating with them in most cases is a blessing, not a chore. Yet, even if it is a chore because of the circumstances, you still do it because of love. Remember you are in a relationship with God, so you can experience with Him the same struggles you experience with anyone you love. There are times you just don't communicate much, but as you know, if it keeps on, your relationship will not be very close. Good communication with God is a must - because it allows you to develop a strong love relationship with God, as it would anyone you love.

You need to understand communication with God or anyone has two characteristics - listening and responding. You listen to God by allowing Him to speak through His Word. You respond to God by talking to Him. So what does praying to God look like? Well, it doesn't mean you need to sit or walk around saying a few spiritual sounding words to God so you can feel like you are connected to Him. His desire is for you to pray - being honest and open with Him, truly wanting to talk with Him as you would someone you love and trust (see Colossians 4:2). Don't you want people to sincerely desire to communicate with you, and to do it with love, openness, and honesty? God does too!

If you are not interested in God's Word and don't desire to talk to Him, you need to be very concerned about your relationship with God! Remember, it is never God turning His back on you because He always wants a close relationship with you. It is you who turns away from Him. Take some time and ask the Holy Spirit what your problem is. It might be you are too busy, too preoccupied or too lazy - or maybe sick, stressed, tired or depressed. Sin could be separating you from wanting to be with God, or maybe you are angry at Him. There also might be a chance you never have truly believed in Jesus, so His Word and prayer would not mean much of anything to you.

Bible verses on prayer: Read 2 Chronicles 7:14, Ephesians 6:18, Colossians 4:2-3, Philippians 4:6-7, John 15:7, and James 4:1-3, 5:16-18.

Because of God talking to me! Gini

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