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Jesus Christ reveals God to us!


I love birds.  They show me God’s desire for beauty and creativity in His creation, with their many colors and appearances.  Some birds even show us God’s sacrificial love and care by how they unselfishly care for their young. Remember how sacrificial the penguins are in the movie, The March of the Penguins? As I write this, we have a flower pot, with a mommy (maybe it is a daddy) quail stubbornly sitting on her nest - Tucson heat and all.  Romans 1:20 tells us God can be seen in His creation. Yet there again, God is so much more than His creation

I think we try to understand God in human terms, but we fall short of who God really is when we do this.  God is God, so we can’t put Him into a box that our human reasoning invents. Isaiah 40 makes it clear we can’t compare God to ourselves - His power, His understanding, His knowledge, His justice and so on are far beyond ours.  How can any of us comprehend God?

John 1:18 tells us, it is Jesus Christ who has explained God to us!

No man has seen God at any time; the only begotten God, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him. NASB®

In Exodus and in other scriptures, we are told that no one has seen God the Father on this earth. Yet, John the Apostle in his gospel, very plainly teaches that Jesus has revealed God to us.  This is because He is God in bodily form or flesh.  Jesus Himself said clearly in John 14:9, “he who has seen Me has seen the Father.”  We can know God (even physically touch Him) through Jesus Christ. If Jesus reveals God to you, I think you should be learning about Jesus.  What do you think? Read Isaiah 53, Matthew 1:18-25, Romans 8 and Revelations 1 –to get a glimpse of Jesus - Who loved us so much He died for us, so we could be free from our sins. 

Because of Jesus love, Gini

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