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The true spirit of Christmas
is the Holy Spirit

This Christmas devotion talks about our need for the true Christmas Spirit, the Holy Spirit, in a humorous but informative way. It answers some questions that we all need to know to have the true Christmas Spirit fill our lives. These questions are: Who is the true Spirit of Christmas? And why does He live within us? How can we make Jesus the reason for everything in the season, and let Him fill our lives throughout the New Year? It discusses what it means for Jesus to step out of eternity and to be born so He could become one of us. It explains how the Spirit fills us and why we need to let Him. True spirit of Christmas.

Short devotions
from Gini's heart



Are you relying on the Holy Spirit or not? - In this short devotion, taken from God Loves You and Me - you are challenged to rely on the Holy Spirit to control you and not yourself.

The Christmas Child, the Holy Spirit, and the heater - In this short Christmas devotion, from a personal experience, you are challenged with whether or not you are letting the Holy Spirit empower you.


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