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A free daily devotional for women on God's love

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The free daily devotional, "God Loves You and Me," will consist of 60 daily devotions that are organized under nine lessons taken form the study on God's love. Each day covers a different theme about God's love. This daily devotional has much of the same information as the study on God's love with less homework and some new insights on God's love.



Bible devotions for women

The true spirit of Christmas ... is the Holy Spirit

     At times I have tried to work up what I thought was the so-called Christmas spirit, but have failed miserably.  And if we are honest with ourselves, “How can anyone humanly have the true spirit of Christmas in our hectic American society?” (As I revise this Christmas devotion that I wrote many years ago in Idaho, I remembered people from other countries are reading it now too.  I would imagine in other cultures things are simpler, so you are probably thinking Americans sound like we just make work for ourselves.  I would say, you are right, but please keep reading - to get a laugh and to know how to have the true spirit of Christmas, who is the Holy Spirit, fill your life.)

     There are so many gifts we seem to have to buy or make and never have enough time or money.  Of course you can’t just get any gift; it has to be the right gift for the right person, so your mind starts intensely trying to come up with that prefect, you know, Martha Stewart type idea of a gift.  That in itself wears me out.  And I haven’t even run around the stores with my head cut off yet.

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Thanksgiving, the cat and the rattlesnake

     I did the unthinkable on Saturday night, I left the garage door open, and as I said in another From Gini’s Heart, “At certain times during the year, the rattlesnakes are very active.”  Well, one did mosey in and was going to stay the winter in our garage.  It found a cozy spot amongst our junk. The snake enjoyed his cozy home for about a day, than Sunday night, we could say, all hell broke loose for the snake and us.

     Our cat who likes to hunt around the garage at night, I guess because it makes her feel like a big-game hunter with the bugs and all.  And she was doing just that, when I felt this urge (The Holy Spirit’s leading for sure!) to go get the cat even though she had just been in our garage for about 10 minutes. I opened the door and called her.  As she was walking over to me from the same direction the snake was, I heard this loud rattling sound.  My first thought was, “the water heater is certainly having a fit, then it hit me like a ton of bricks - we have a rattlesnake in the garage”.   To make a long story short, my husband pulled the cars out and found where the snake was coiled.  He called the fire department and off it went to a new winter home. (Hopefully, not in someone else’s garage!)

     As the fireman was leaving, he said, “That is a big snake, he could have easily bitten your cat”.  A chill ran through me! Then I knew God had warned me of the danger to our cat (as well as us).  I still don’t know why the snake was so alarmed and the cat wasn’t, because it just makes sense the snake was rattling its tail off because the cat had been snooping around it. I can’t explain how the cat wasn’t bit, except that God in His infinite love protected the cat.  Was it a miracle? I wish I knew, but I do know that this woman is mighty thankful to our God, who watched over a small gutsy cat that means a lot to us but no one else.  

Enter His gates with thanksgiving, And His courts (temple) with praise. Give thanks to Him; bless His name.  Let them also offer sacrifices of thanksgiving, And tell of His works with joyful singing.  Psalm 100:4 & 107:22   NASB®

Because of His protection and love, Gini   I am thankful for all of you!

PS   I know some of you have read this and are thinking God didn’t protect my ____.  Well, 7 years ago God didn’t protect our other cat and it was killed by a coyote.  So why does God allow some things to end in a positive way, and others not?  Read my two devotions on - Why God allows suffering and Where is God when I hurt… to hear my thoughts on this.

Because Jesus died for me I can go to the life I have always longed for,  Gini




A women's free Bible study on God's love

with commentary, homework, and
audio devotions

When I first decided to do this study on God's love some years back, I was going to look up every Bible verse on love and go from there.  However the Holy Spirit made it very clear to me to write about God and what He has done for us.  This is because God’s actions scream of His love for us!

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